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⚠️What do I do if I have lost both my old device AND lost access to my cloud storage
⚠️What do I do if I have lost both my old device AND lost access to my cloud storage
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The keys that allow you access to your Alluo app are encrypted and stored on your device’s cloud storage (iCloud on Apple phones or Google Drive on Android phones).

If you lose access to your old device, AND you can no longer access your cloud storage you used when setting up your Alluo App, you will lose access to your Alluo mobile account.

Other ways to store your keys

If you are worried that this could happen to you, you should take appropriate steps to safely store your recovery phrase or Private Key. These are both extremely sensitive pieces of information. Anyone with either of them can access your account and take your funds. You should never store or transmit your recovery phrase or Private Key electronically.

For expert users only

If you’re an expert user, you can also export your Alluo mobile wallet to a separate non-custodial wallet such as Metamask. Here, you’ll be able to retrieve your account QR code and Private Key if needed.

Please see our FAQ on importing your wallet into Metamask to find out more.

Remember, Alluo is non-custodial, which means only you have access to your account. If you’ve lost access to both your iCloud (Apple) or Google Drive (Android) and lost your old device, Alluo are unable to help you access your funds.

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