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How can I use my Alluo App mobile wallet in Alluo Pro and other DeFi applications?
How can I use my Alluo App mobile wallet in Alluo Pro and other DeFi applications?
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Exporting your Mobile app wallet from your app into Metamask - FOR EXPERTS ONLY

Those that want to, can export their Alluo App mobile wallet to an existing browser based wallet such as Metamask. This allows management of the mobile app funds in Alluo Pro and onward usage of the Alluo non-custodial wallet it in other DeFi applications.


Step 1

  • Go to Account recovery in Alluo App and retrieve Private Key

  • Keep key safe and do not copy or save screenshot

Step 2

  • Download and install Metamask in browser

  • Import private key from Alluo App into Metamask

  • Rename account if desired

  • Connect wallet to Alluo Pro website to manage mobile funds.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

To export your account, you will firstly need to navigate to the Account recovery section of your Alluo app under your Account on your device to retrieve the Private Key.

You can find this under the Private Key tab at the top of the Account recover page, when you select show private key the key will be revealed once youve successfully passed biometrics or entered your password.

BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL in doing so. DO NOT copy this key electronically or save a screenshot as anyone that finds these can get access to your account and funds.

Step 2

Once you have found the private key you will need to import this into your browser web3 wallet of choice. Below we will tell you how to import it into Metamask.

  1. Open your browser (Chrome/Brave/Firefox/Edge) and download Metamask:

  2. Once you have installed Metamask, click on Create wallet and once the process is complete open the browser add on

  3. When Metamask opens click on the colourful bubble top right which opens up a menu

  4. Select Import account towards the end of the menu and enter the private key that you have displayed on your Alluo App Account recovery screen

  5. Thats it, youre all set once youve clicked import, the account should be ready to use in Metamask!

  6. If you wish to rename the account so you know that it relates to your Alluo mobile app, you can do so by selecting the 3 dots beneath the colourful bubble, selecting Account Details and then selecting the pencil icon.

  7. If you navigate to and connect your wallet using Metamask you will be able to manage your Mobile app funds with the Alluo Pro website

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